Tips for Surviving a Move with Kids

Are you contemplating a move? Does the idea of getting all of your stuff from one place to the next send chills down your spine? When my family was growing and my kids were small, I moved from New York to England and then to Israel in the span of

Easy Meals to get on Your Table

Every family is different and has different needs at mealtime. Recently I wrote about the benefits of having a 14 day meal plan here. Today I'm going to list some of the meals that were hits with my family and I hope they can give you some ideas that you

The 14 Day Life Saving Meal Plan

When my kids were all little, and keeping everyone happy and fed was a challenge, I read a story about Eleanor Roosevelt that forever changed my outlook about meal preparation.  I would no longer have those days when 3 o’clock would roll around, and I would start to get the

Budget Serenity

When I first approached budgeting, I did so with fear and trepidation. I felt that never again would I have the joy of walking into a store, seeing something I loved and making that special purchase.  But somehow, I got over my fears and proceeded with my mission. The extra

Can’t stand the Clutter!

When my kids were small, whenever it got hard to do a daily run through and organize my house, I knew that something was wrong. If it was too hard to do my daily clean up, it was time to start getting rid of stuff. As soon as I went

Taming the Organization Dragon!

Does your child forget his/her homework on the dining room table when s/he runs off to school? Does s/he remember an unfinished assignment as she climbs into bed? Is s/he always struggling with organization and executive functioning no matter how many times you help him/her to get organized? We all have moments

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