7 Unique Qualities of Amazingly Resilient Children

Being resilient is a wonderful quality. It is the ability to bounce back from the many challenges that life throws our way. And the truth is that we can either bounce back or be swallowed by despair. I am not saying it's easy. Challenges can be extremely painful and difficult.  It

Moms: How to Fulfill Your Dreams Even When You Have No Time

I bet if I asked you to trade your lack of time and hectic life as a parent for a peaceful, calm and leisurely lifestyle, you probably wouldn't oblige. How about a more financially stable and predictable lifestyle? My guess is again, that you would never go backwards or long for a life without kids. (well, maybe

How to Immediately Escape the Guilty Parenting Trap

Parents are almost exclusive in their unified feeling of guilt about their parenting. Parents constantly fall into the guilty parenting trap by lamenting that they are not spending enough time with their children and are at work too long.  When they finally do spend time with their children, they worry that they have

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