Preparing for a Successful School Year

So I bet you’ve done a million runs to Target, Office Depot and many other stores to get all of your child’s school supplies. And that is along side the myriad additional runs you make, to ensure s/he has clothes, shoes and everything else needed for a successful year in school. It’s exhausting just

The Unblog Post – Commitment to Family

Reaffirming my commitment to my family, I didn’t publish a blog post that I had spent hours writing. Recently a family member went through a difficult patch because of a health issue. I am being extremely vague, because of my commitment to my family. This is a very brief explanation

Why Aren’t My Kids Listening to Me?

Why aren’t my kids listening? It’s a question that I get all the time. A parent asks a child to do something, come (for dinner, a bath, or homework) and the child continues playing. S/he  doesn't even acknowledge the request, as if the request was water sliding off a duck’s back. Why

Tips for Parents from the Classroom

I went to a teaching seminar today called Responsive Classroom. It is a teaching method that believes in building a teaching community that helps students understand the importance of self regulation to create a positive, calm and safe classroom environment. This is accomplished through enlisting the cooperation of  students rather than

Making A Difference

As usual, I’ve been reading the news and every time that I do, I vow that I am not going to do it again. Everyday there are more horrific stories about abuse and cruelty. It sometimes seems like the world has gone insane. There are times that I feel physically

Seven Proven Ways to Help Moms De-stress

It’s not that you don’t love being a Mom. But the constant demands, one meal after the next, the piles of wash, keeping everyone and the house clean (and often working as well), can eventually lead to stress. This can bring even the most positive Mom into the doldrums. So what’s a

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