Coaching for Parents

The parenting maze can be difficult to navigate but is tremendously rewarding as well. The coaching experience, when paired with an objective experienced voice, can be the difference between chaos and calm. I truly hope that the articles on my blog bring order and confidence to you in moments of confusion.

There are times when you may require an objective guide to get on track and develop a course of action. In order to gain equilibrium, we sometimes need gentle coaching and an attentive and compassionate ear.

I am an educator, mother, and grandmother of a large family and have weathered the many storms of parenthood. I will help you uncover your hidden strengths and regain your inner compass. Working together to pinpoint and address your parenting struggles, we will discover the way to a clear, fulfilling parenting path. We will create a plan that gives you the tools to build your home with confidence.

In addition to a 45-minute coaching session, I will create your personalized parenting action plan. This action plan will map out the strategic steps for you to take in the coming days. With these specific steps,  you will develop the skills that will help you become a more effective and confident parent.

Your Coaching Package includes:

  1. 45-minute Coaching Session

  2. Personalized Action Plan

  3. 4 weeks of follow up emails

  4. Final coaching session

Contact leah@everykidinsights .com to set up your complimentary appointment.

Leah Miller holds an MA in Education from the prestigious Loyola University of Illinois and has been a special ed teacher and coordinator for many years. Leah is also a published author. Her articles have been published in various educational magazines and her latest book for children, “Every Kid Can Make a Difference”, teaches how every kid can truly make a difference in the world.