How to Conquer the Invincible Dieting Dragon Today!

So we’ve all heard the crazy statistics that Americans spend 60 billion dollars every year on dieting and weight loss. 60 Billion dollars a year on dieting! It boggles the mind!

Astonishingly, even with all of the extra weight, many Americans remain malnourished.

As a nation, our mission has become to chase the lure of unattainable bodies and the airbrushed images of Hollywood. Even many who shun these superficial pursuits, still fall prey to the desire to be fit and ever youthful.

However it is apparent to even those that dismiss Hollywood propaganda, that maintaining a healthy weight does influence life style. No one wishes to lack energy, get sick, or be incapacitated, especially by illnesses that can be avoided.

As women, we are particularly susceptible to this message and are under undue pressure to maintain a svelte physique.

That being said, there is real evidence that what we eat influences the way we feel, look and perform.

Busy moms while taking care of everyone else often let their weight and appearance slide. It’s so important to take care of ourselves. And superficiality aside, when we are healthy and well, and full of energy, we just are better Moms.

But here’s where things get tricky. Dieting is a no win game. Have you noticed that too many people spend much of their lives, on and off the dieting roller coaster?

How can it be that we spend such astronomical amounts on dieting and yet still remain overweight and malnourished?

Dieting is not the Solution

The reason is, is that dieting is never a long term solution.

Dieting may get us where we want to be, but that will never work for the long haul. You know and I don’t have to tell you, that as soon as one achieves their ideal weight; they stop the diet and the weight comes bouncing back.

That is because dieting by nature is a short term fix. It is never meant to be a long term solution. And because of this, as soon as you stop and return to your old eating habits the weight returns as well.

So what is the solution?

The solution is a permanent eating plan.


In other words, what works is not a temporary diet adhered to for a limited amount of time. It is rather an eating plan that becomes a way of life. That means that every day you eat according to the plan and not according to random food choices that come your way.

And this is where most of us fall down, because it is in social situations, that we tend to lose our way. Parties, social gatherings and eating out, are the times that we encounter poor food choices and fall off the tracks

When we learn about nutrition, whole foods, and how hormones and additives influence our body functions, we can adjust our habits. When we eat the wrong foods, we throw our body systems out of whack and this causes us to gain weight.

Coupled with lack of sleep, mindless eating and frenetic lifestyles, the cards are stacked against us.

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An Eating Plan that Works

I have always been a proponent of good healthy food and have tried to steer my kids in the same way. But it’s not easy, and I am well aware of the challenges that abound and the abundance of less than healthy food choices that entice us daily.

As we leave our 20’s, and continue to face the challenges of pregnancy and childbirth it becomes even harder. As the 40’s approach and hormones change, the challenge grows.

In my many years of trying to maintain a normal weight, I have found that I have to be very conscious of the food that I eat. One of the “non-diets” that has really helped me maintain an ideal weight, been really easy to follow and never left me hungry is, the Fast Metabolism Diet by Hailey Pomroy.

Although initially the diet does help anyone who is overweight quickly and significantly lose weight, it is not a temporary fix but a permanent eating plan. It is an easy, tasty and satisfying eating plan, for life.

Ms. Pomroy was trained not in food science, but animal science. Studying to become a veterinarian, she learned how food can be systematically used to shape the body. As she learned about animal nutrition, she realized that these concepts could be applied to the human body. The metabolism can be programmed to increase the burn.

This is the basis of the fast metabolism diet

Repair your Metabolism

She also learned that our nation’s constant dieting has burned out our metabolisms. Her eating plan has been fashioned to repair and return function to the metabolism.

The “diet” consists of three meals and two snacks a day. Her motto is “eat more and lose more weight.” Who would have difficulty with that?

Healthy Dieting - fruit

If you have struggled with food and weight loss and your hectic life style has meant low energy and weight gain, this may be the eating plan for you.

It is not a short term diet, but a permanent eating plan that will help you maintain your ideal weight. Try it to achieve your ideal weight, always feel satisfied and get off the endless treadmill of dieting.

Please like and share with your friends. This may be  an end to their dieting and the beginning of a permanent plan that finally helps them reach their ideal weight!

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