Growing Pains

I once met a friend with my two young kids in tow, who had not seen me since I had kids, and after several moments of conversation she said, “You have become so wise.” I reflected on her comment and realized that it was not book knowledge that she had


Can’t stand the Clutter!

When my kids were small, whenever it got hard to do a daily run through and organize my house, I knew that something was wrong. If it was too hard to do my daily clean up, it was time to start getting rid of stuff. As soon as I went

Taming the Organization Dragon!

Does your child forget his/her homework on the dining room table when s/he runs off to school? Does s/he remember an unfinished assignment as she climbs into bed? Is s/he always struggling with organization and executive functioning no matter how many times you help him/her to get organized? We all have moments

How Every Kid Insights Came to Be

Parenting is the hardest but most rewarding job any of us will ever have. But good parenting is not easy to come by and we see the results of bad parenting every day in the news. And even for those of us who had great role models growing up; when

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