So about this time of year, you’re probably thinking about that special gift that you need to buy for your special guy. You’re probably also feeling a little of the panic that comes with the territory.  “What on earth am I going to be able to find that will satisfy.” Gift giving can be so special. Gifts can say so many things, but I find it’s a great way to tell those that are special to us that we care. And it’s not just the gift, it’s the fact that we took the time to really think about what the person likes and what they would enjoy using.

So how do we find that perfect gift? With so many preparations to take care of, gift buying can seem like a burden. Here are some ideas to make your gift buying a bit easier.

A Tailor-Made Gift

First of all, you have to really think about the person and their habits. What do they like to do? Are they the kind of person that has everything? My husband is very low maintenance except when it comes to computer related paraphernalia. I could never even think to buy him something computer related, as he knows the exact specifications of what he wants and I have no idea. My husband loves books, so this is always a great place to start. However, unless he has discussed a book that he’s interested in with me, I’m kind of in the dark.

Comfort Gifts

I tend to go with comfort gifts when it comes to my husband. That means that I try to buy him gifts that he would never buy for himself. The kind of gifts that are not always essential but make life so much more comfortable. For instance one year I saw that my husband gave away an old favorite flannel robe. When I asked him why he said that it was too small and he didn’t use it anyway. The next holiday season I bought him a nice warm flannel robe and he suddenly started wearing it all the time. On cold winter nights, he would even wear it over his clothes.  He just loved it! I still get so much satisfaction knowing that he just loves the gift that I got him and every time he wears it I am reminded again!

Gifts for the Special Man in Your Life

I hope that you enjoy some of the gifts below and that they can spark ideas for the special men in your life. My husband has enjoyed them and I hope that your recipients will enjoy them too! Here is a robe similar to the one I bought for my husband. It is a Ralph Lauren robe, 100% cotton flannel and comes in two colors. It is very soft and washes well.



Another gift that my husband loved was a pair of Ugg slippers. I actually didn’t buy this one, my daughter bought them for him. My husband wears these whenever he is in the house. Ugg slippers are actually amazing. I bought myself a pair after I saw how much my husband enjoyed them. This pair is leather (mine are suede) They are lined with the yummiest warmest pure wool and are great to change into when you come home on a cold winter day.  These lined slippers will keep your feet and toes cozy warm all winter long. They are extremely well made and last for years, unlike other slippers that often fall apart after a season.

You can find the men’s lined leather Uggs here: They come in brown with matching brown lining or black with white lining.

They also come in suede here


Here are the ones that I bought for myself (I still have them 3 years later). They are made of suede and I bought them in burgundy but they come in all different colors here:



The More Formal Gift

If you are looking for a more formal and luxurious gift, a watch could fit the bill. For many years, my husband had no interest in a watch. “Who needs a watch, I have a phone,” he would say.  But recently he’s been more open to the idea of a watch, I’m not exactly sure why. Here are some of the watches that I have been looking at recently.

The Jord watches are truly unique and real beauties to boot. These watches are well suited for the minimalist but at the same time are extremely sophisticated. The circular case and band links are made of 100% Kosso wood, naturally sourced from Nigeria. The watches are sealed with tung oil, but unlike leather or low-quality metals, they do not deteriorate. They are comfortable, natural and durable.

You can buy them here




Here is a Jord watch for women:


For the man who prefers clothing, here is a great sweater gift. My husband finds zip sweaters very convenient. This is a Kenneth Cole 100% cotton sweater that can work for casual dress or more formal occasions and it comes in several colors.


Here is another idea for a classic cardigan, for the man who prefers a more classic button-down style from Haggar.


I hope that these ideas for the men in your life (and even some for women) have sparked your imagination. They are practical, quality gifts but sure to please and reasonably priced.  You will please the man in your life because you took the time to find that special gift that brings him comfort and satisfaction. And really that is what gift giving is all about. Showing that you care to find that special something just for him.

In addition, buying now, and not having to rush at the last minute will make your holidays that much more enjoyable. By completing your gift shopping early, you will be ready to tend to more urgent preparations.  When your guests come you will be free to prepare and enjoy. Hope that this has made your gift buying a bit easier and that you will be ready to enjoy the holidays.

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